Looking for solid advice for your project?

16 years of experience and 222 projects allow us to help you!

Advice when purchasing

You want to acquire a building and would like some advice about its state. We’re happy to advise you.

Starting from 400 euro + 21% VAT for a visit and review.

We visit the building together and give you our analysis

Advice with planning a renovation

You own a building that needs renovation. You want to use sustainable, ecological and/or circular materials. We can help you with that: wat are the pitfalls, where are the opportunities, what are the priorities?

Starting from 550 euro + 21% VAT for a visit, further deliberation and a report.

We visit your building, we go over the possibilities together and draw up a report for further action. 

Advice on interior and colour

You want to get rid of the white walls and would like some advice on the interior of your building?

Starting from 550euro + 21% VAT for a visit and a moodboard

We visit your building together, discuss wishes and possibilities, make a moodboard for you so you can proceed with the decoration of your interior.

Garden advice/ garden design

You want a higher biodiversity in your garden/courtyard/outdoor space? You would like plants to provide you with shade and cooling? We can help you with that

Starting from 400euro + 21% VAT for a visit and a sketch

From our base in Brussels, architectural firm Sept-A completes new construction projects all over Belgium, from inventive design to qualitative finishes.