Architectural office Sept-A.
Within the framework, out of the box.

Sept-A is an experienced architectural firm from Brussels that accompanies companies and individuals in the realisation of their new constructions, renovations, expansions, infills, or reconversions. Do you find yourself faced with a complex building issue or do you want to realise an extraordinary project? Our experienced architects are ready to take on this challenge together with you, from the first sketches to the top-notch finishes.

Your story is our starting point. Our logo emphasises our highly personalised approach: we start from within the framework you provide us and use that to create an out-of-the-box design. The result? Thoughtful architecture of outstanding quality, surprisingly innovative at all times.

Are you looking for an architect who will direct your project down to the last detail? Throughout the building process you can rely on trustworthy collaboration with long-term building partners in order to ensure the smooth realisation of your project. 



Converting an old property or worn-out property into a modern home or commercial space? Avoid stressful renovation issues and entrust your renovation to the experienced architects of Sept-A. 


New construction

Are you looking for an architect to help you design your dream home or commercial property? We listen to your story. Together we shape the building that fits your lifestyle or needs.


Extension & infill

Does it feel like you are missing space in your home or business? Together we’ll think of an optimal design for your spaces and potential extensions. 



Are you facing an architectural conundrum? The more complex the issue, the more we at Sept-A are eager to get started. Call on our architects for professional advice.