Lets record a session with drums in the middle of an quiet urban discrict

David Poltrock is an all round musician and producer. He wants his own studio to record drum sessions. Only problem is: he lives in a quiet urban neighborhood in Brussels and he cherishes the good relations he has with his neighbors. So we construct a new box in the old courtyard. The box needs to be totally independent from surrounding structures in order to avoid contact noise. We use the trapezoidal shape of the plot to our advantage: the less parallel surfaces we have, the better the sound is.

Next to the drum booth you find the control room. David has a great love for vintage keyboards. they all need to have an easily accessible and quickly usable in any of his production. We put a lot of emphasis on natural light. We are in a  basement but the studio needs to be an agreeable and cozy space where you want to create. The entire house was renovated. The construction of the studio had a big advantage for the living areas: all of the sudden the house had a usable terrace. The living areas are also sporadically used as a recording area because of the good acoustics of the original spaces.

‘Poltrock Palladium is a real delight’

David Poltrock, owner


music studio – private house Schaarbeek


contractor: wisti

Audio Design: freeqi


total renovation whilst respecting the present elements

engineer: Yves Coppens

photos studio: Michel Hakim Moldenhauer