Our client owns an enormous vacant lot at walking distance from the train station of a Flemish commune in the outskirts of Brussels.

We propose to divide the lot in two so the construction of our clients new semi-detached single-family house on one side can be financed with the revenues produces by the sale of the other side. The diamond shaped terrain has an important slope and an incredible view over a green valley behind the garden. It is immediately apparent this view will play an important role in the design of the project. Apart from this view concerns are mainly lifelong living, focus on daylight and provide shielding from everyday life in the street.

In close coordination with the client the project took shape: obviously the living quarters were situated at the back with a focus on the view. Because of the slope of the terrain we could dig in a part of the house. Its green roof can develop into the natural slope of the terrain and as such hide from the outside world in a soft way. With the east to the roadside and the garden oriented to the west, a patio was the right chose to provide daylight to all the living spaces throughout the day. To avoid overheating, some of the facades are kept blind. The patio also separates the home office from the main living areas. This home office can later be turned into a bedroom with a bathroom already present at the other side of the hall. Right away this bedroom has its own enclosed outdoor space bathing in sunlight all day long.

A stunning view, the light and heat of the sun, those are the things we can enjoy throughout our entire live.


The angular deviation on the ground floor turns the living spaces towards the valley below. All windows on this floor reach from floor to ceiling and direct our gaze to the scenery and the garden. There is a clear view throughout the entire floor, from home office/bedroom to other living areas, on the valley. Our client has a close relationship with Scandinavia and Scandinavian design, make this the inspiration for form and use of materials. The duality between ground floor and upper floor, between street side and garden side enhance the idea of Huis Clos. When looking at the house from the street you wouldn’t say that behind its façade lies an open floor, bathing in light and space.

The master bedroom, situated on the upper floor on the garden side is also axed towards the valley. In such a way that when waking up, first thing you see is a misty valley enlightened with the first light of day.

maison unifamiliale jumelée


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