new energy-efficient building for Vander Elst nv

Vander Elst NV is a distributor of electro-technical products, they develop products, give trainings and demonstrations. The company has outgrown its former building and is in desperate need of a new one. The new building needs to have an inviting appeal to all whom it concerns and be rather closed for the rest of us. The delivery and distribution of goods needs to be easy but without disturbing the primary function of the building: showroom, trainings, presentations, etc. The distinguished separation of functions is maintained inside the building. The finishing, accessibility and color treatment of the interior works as a filter: it directs the degree of penetration of visitors and workforce inside the building.

The building is energy-neutral: the offices as well as the warehouse are heated with floor heating system, powered by heat-pump and solar panels. An air-conditioning system is not needed, thanks to a sophisticated ventilation system, in combination with good insulation and solar screens. Furthermore the building itself is a showroom for the newest products that Vander Elst NV develops and sells. The technical equipment is KNX controlled and uses LED-lights and DALI to be as energy-efficient as possible. The entire building, offices included embraces an industrial look.

I want my building to be sleek and in black and white.

Frederick Vander Elst, owner


backoffice and warehouse construction 2012-2013 1200m²

new industrial building engineering LIME solar panels, heat pump, rainwater recuperation, KNX, DALI photos Gearge De Kinder