How a big house on a small plot searches for light.

‘A safehaven, to escape the outside world, even the kids, as if we were thirty all over again.

Despite being in good condition, this spacious mansion in the stately Avenue Molière does not fit its owners.

We constructed an entirely new roof. One with enough room for a penthouse, to allow the parents an ‘outing’ in their own house. The penthouse is fitted with a master bedroom, a living space, a terrace, a small kitchenette and a bathroom.

Light and views prevail: on both sides of the penthouse you have big windows, lots of light and a beautiful view across the rooftops.

Apart from adding the penthouse, the ground and first floor were refurbished, especially on the courtyard side. The house, being constructed on a rather small plot lacked light and spaciousness.

A dark and eerie corner of the house was refitted with an open and luminous extension: floors, walls and ceiling transparent. Big sliding doors, large roof lights and glass floors provide a penetration of light well into the mansion. In this way a dark, north-facing side of the house is opened up.

‘Les fenêtres, le plus grand possible.’

D., Eigenaar

The rest of the house was freshened up, punctually small alterations were made (ventilation, insulation, etc).


All renovations were done with respect and maximum preservation of original, existing decorative elements.

private house Forest


435 m²

contractor: Puchalski


total renovation

preservation of original existing decorative elements

photos: Benjamin Brolet