Our approach.

Are you looking for an architect for your building project? Meet the Sept-A. architectural office. Our experienced team of architects guarantees a highly personal approach with a keen eye for detail. We are happy to take you along on our fascinating and inspiring journey from design to delivery.

Step 1: Context

We are curious about your story. For a first conversation we are happy to meet you at your home or company to discover who you are, what space you have available and which plans you would like to realise. Your personal context is the unique foundation of the building or renovation project. 

Step 2: Sketch

Together, we will transform your ideas and wishes into a first, titillating, hand drawn, preliminary design. At Sept-A we attach a great deal of importance to transparent budgeting, which is why we provide you with a reliable estimate of the total cost for your new construction or renovation from the outset. 

Step 3: Start

Are we on the same wavelength? Perfect! That’s when we finalise the preliminary design and go over the different steps of the building process. To ensure the smooth realisation of your project, we always validate the feasibility of any amended preliminary design with the department of urban planning and any other bodies.

Step 4: Action

Starting with the submission of the building permit all the way to the top-notch finish, Sept A ensures a complete follow-through of your project. Turning a striking sketch into reality? That requires solid preparation! A thoughtful selection of materials, the choice of the specific details, outlining these details, working with the right contractors, working with …,…. Sept-A summarises the technical aspects in detail in the specifications. We are present when the first stone is laid and plan regular building site meetings. We like transparent communication and make flexible adjustments where necessary.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Each construction site is completed in accordance with the agreements that were made. Even after the building works are over, Sept-A remains closely involved. Requesting  technical files or post-intervention documents? We meticulously follow up your administrative obligations. 

And after that… it’s up to you to live, to work, to enjoy!

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