About us

Design inspired by passion

The love for creating, the passion for architecture and the solving of complex architectural puzzles is the red thread for architects Anja Strubbe and Iwein Proot. Together, they complement each other’s’ strengths and are the driving force behind Sept-A. Thinking and designing within the framework but outside of the box has led them to accomplish quite a few interesting architectural projects. An inspiring portfolio that is worth exploring.

03_Ontwerpen vanuit de schoonheid

 “Renovating a terraced house with a width of 3.6 metres in the centre of Brussels and creating extra space? A challenge I am more than ready to tackle!”


Design inspired by the story

Sept-A does not only think in terms of the plan, but is also inspired by the story. We use sketches and drawing to deepen our clients’ stories and to avoid umbrella terms such as comfort, quality, efficiency, cosiness, etc. Together with our clients we go to the core, the essence of each project. From titillating preliminary design to qualitative delivery: we never lose sight of the original context. 

02_Ontwerpen vanuit het verhaal

 “Our knowledge sometimes stands in the way of what could be: you have to forget what you know in order to innovate.”


Design inspired by beauty

When we design projects we always look for the beauty within the existing context. Breath-taking vistas or the perfect light? Your new construction project emphasises the natural assets in your environment and ensures that these are maximally integrated with the building. At Sept-A we emphasise the usage of sustainable materials and during renovations or reconversions we always keep an eye out for beautifully patinated elements that we can reuse. 

01_Ontwerpen vanuit de passie

“From reusing old tiles to playing with light and vistas: we always look for the unique character of a location for maximum results!”