It seemed an impossible commission to build a 3-bedroom house on a sloped and wedge-shaped terrain on the crossroad of different building regulations.  

The shape of the terrain, the building regulations, the adjacent buildings, the sloped terrain and the clients wish to develop the terrain to the max, all had a great influence on the shape, the chosen method of construction and the use of materials. The client wants a comfortable, spacious, transparent house but with the necessary intimacy towards the street and the neighbors. The present greenery on the site is maintained where possible.  The inspiration for the design came from the subtle movement a woman, wearing a gown, makes when moving up the stairs. She lifts her dress slightly to take the next step. In much the same way this house climbs the talus.

The house is made of a pedestal in bricks, draped by a wooden siding. The stone base is rough and dark. The wooden sidings are vertical with a changing rhythm in planks as well as joint width. This was done in such a way that a fluid motion occurs. It also cuts through the monotony of the wooden sidings. The house meets the needs for a low-energy building. It consists of a timber frame and is erected with mostly ecological and durable materials. The flat roofs are all green roofs, there is a floor heating system and a ventilation D+ system.


privewoning constructie: 2012-2013 280m² aannemer: conceptenergy

nieuwbouw lage energie houtskelet ecologische bouwmaterialen