A Human approach

Sept-a is an architect’s firm that designs for you, the user.

We specialize in resolving impossible questions. We strongly believe it is our responsibility to approach with a critical eye the design questions asked.  This allows us to bring the inquiry back to the absolute essence and respond with a better project exceeding the initial expectations.

Man is key

We do this through careful listening to our clients, and by constant recapitulation to determine  the key concept on which the project will be based. We insist on solving all issues. We love difficult questions, they force us to go even further and question even more the obvious.

Every place has a context

We also believe in the strong importance of context. Context can be an actual space, building, plot or urban fabric.  But it is just as well a social or economic context. Or an old context versus a new one. We like to underline this context in our designs.

Architecture is teamwork

The main team consists of Anja Strubbe and Iwein Proot. Often freelancers are engaged to complement the team, each and every one with their own specific knowledge and contribution. Each project has one person responsible following the project from start to finish.  He or she knows all the design decisions taken and guarantees their realisation. A design process always starts in team, with a crayon and a piece of butter paper. Some design options are taken to challenge and raise even more questions.

Shared knowledge and experience

Once the main decisions are taken and choices are clear, we start drawing on computer, under the supervision of the responsible architect. The team gets back together when the time comes to draw up the strategic choices for construction, already set up in the beginning. Every team member contributes with his or her specific perspective and experience.   Past & present co-workers: Hélène Dubois, Inez Vanroosbroeck, Valentina Antinucci Ferri, Jelle Peirelinck